Playdiation are a team of hard working and inventive humans who are putting the video back into videogames.

Our studio culture prioritises invention, exploration and prototyping at all levels of design and technology. We try to let the actual work speak loudly in the room, minimising speculation and specification. Things you can touch, play, and experience guide our development.

We love to be in a room together, great leaps are made, and ideas are materialised when challenges are collectively shared.



Nick Ludlam

Nick leads Playdiation's technical development. Previously, Nick has worked for some of Europe's largest post-production companies including FramestoreThe Mill, the BBC, as well as Six To Start, The Economist, and NASA, where he worked on innovative ground systems designed to bring Mars space probe data to the general public via the Internet.

At Framestore he managed a team of developers responsible for the 35mm film scanners and laser film recorders. (He also wrote Video Gameboy ...)



Jack Schulze

Jack founded the design studio Berg in 2005, where he led visionary design and invention work around software and products. Originally trained in graphic design, he has increasingly concentrated on designing software, interaction and products.

Jack’s central interest is in the cultural and creative expression of technology, he has strong opinions about design and cultural invention.



Timo Arnall

Timo is a photographer and filmmaker with over twenty years experience in both experimental and commercial film making. Timo has a phd in interaction design and has spent the last decade researching the invisible world of software and systems.